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The proprietary battery technology from Nexus uses bio-organic nano-materials with unique fast regenerative properties. The concepts of Bio-Mimicry and Industrial Ecology form the development structure of the battery, and give the bio-degradable nature to both the electrodes and the electrolyte.

The entire process from the cradle to the grave doesn’t leave out any waste and these batteries are fully recyclable. Fast generative nano-materials from crop residue allow the charge to remain longer due to properties that make them sticky.

Battery Design

The batteries are designed with a patented combination of parallel and series circuit arrangement for the cells in the pack. The arrangement allows adequate levels of current flow and voltage, enabling the fast charge mechanism.

The batteries for electric vehicles and consumer electronics also sport a battery cooling system in the pack to curb over-heating and allow heat escape during high power-driven tasks, especially with high power engines in EVs.

Tech Aspects

Our batteries are designed to need. For industry utility, the batteries have a high energy density, making them retain charge longer. The batteries also have a considerable power-weight ratio as the raw material is light in weight.

Our battery, with a standard weight, delivers more power as compared to its conventional counterparts. The nexus battery is designed with voltage ranging from 5V to 800V to cater to the wide industry applications from Mobile Phones to Commercial EVs.