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Bio-organic fast charge batteries for a better tomorrow

Bio-Organic & Bio-Degradable?

The flagship technology from Nexus utilises fully bio-degradable materials that could be turned into manure after the life cycle is complete to formulate the composition of the battery.
Our innovation works towards a sustainable future and pollution free battery market.


The Nexus Story

It took birth from the 1964 edition of ‘Principles of Bio-Chemistry’ which says
“Peptides have potential benefits in electrolytes.”

Indian market didn’t really have electric 4-wheeler vehicle manufacturers, and looking at that landscape, the founders wanted to build electric vehicles in India.

Eventually working on the technology and build, they realised the reason for lack of demand is the battery and its charging. Sustainability also was a concern for Lithium-Ions.

That is where the concept of fast charge batteries came in, bio-organic and bio-degradable fast charge batteries to be more precise.

Know the Tech

Nexus in Media

The story of Nexus has been covered by numerous media portals both digital and Print. One of the major highlights being the coverage from the leading national daily.
– The New Indian Express and Electropreneur Park Bhubaneswar by STPI.

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